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Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Pet Dentistry and Oral Surgery

At Brooklyn-based Carroll Gardens Veterinary Group, we offer several dental health products and treats, as well as professional dental cleanings, digital dental x-rays and oral surgery. We are here to educate you on at home dental care for your pet to help keep their teeth clean and their breath fresh. Your pet’s overall health starts with healthy teeth and gums – just like it does for humans!

Digital Dental X-rays

At Carroll Gardens Veterinary Group, we offer a comprehensive digital x-ray series of each tooth with every dental cleaning, just like when people get a dental check up!

 Every dog has 42 adult teeth, and every cat has 30 adult teeth. This means we have 42 and 30 little patients in every dog and cat mouth, and each one gets a thorough examination. Digital dental x-ray allows us to visualize what is happening underneath the gums, where the majority of dental disease occurs in dogs and cats.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery for pets may be needed for removal of retained baby teeth, diseased tooth extractions, foreign material impaction, and oral tumor diagnosis or treatment. With state of the art pain management techniques, we can perform the procedure with minimal discomfort to your pet.

Dr. Mollica has accrued years of experience providing thorough oral examination, cleaning techniques, x-ray evaluation, and oral surgery. Contact us with any questions about your pet’s dental health, we are happy to consult with you about your pet’s care.