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Senior Pet Care

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Senior Pet Care

Pet owners are more pro-active in their pet’s health than ever before. That means our pets are living longer, which is something to celebrate! Just like with people, aging pets require specific care tailored to their unique life stage. Dr. Mollica and Dr. Lyons love their senior patients and are always eager to make their lives as healthy and comfortable as when they were young.

We encourage you to talk with us about your senior pet and any health concerns, while we perform a physical exam to detect signs of disease before they become a problem for your pet. Some signs like drinking more water or urinating larger amounts could be an indicator of a bigger issue.  Stiffness in dogs and cats are seen when they are already painful – we want to make them more comfortable EARLIER!  Whether they are a dog, cat, or exotic pet, we know all animals age in a unique way. Our main goal is to work with your family to ensure a comfortable and happy life for your pet— for many years to come.